May 11th

This is the last week to request a absentee ballot for this year’s primary, the official deadline is May 19th. Ballots will be counted June 2nd at 8pm, so if you get your ballot after next Friday then it is best to either turn it in to Ada County Elections directly or have our campaign drop it off for you. I am on my last GOTV push before the most important election in District 17 history. The campaign could use all hands on deck for phone banking, literature drops, and spreading the world via social media. Remember I am campaigning against the whole downtown political oligarchy. This election will be won by US!

May 22nd

You have until Tuesday the 26th at 8pm to request your ballot now due to a emergency ruling by a judge. You will want to hand deliver your ballot by June 2nd or have our campaign drop them off for you. Go to and if it doesn’t work submitting your ballot request online, print and drop it off at the Ada County Elections ballot box by the 26th at 8pm.