Serve residents first, not big donors or political allies– Political office has become too much about who you know and not what you know. I will serve all of my constituents regardless of party affiliation.

Increase the homeowner tax exemption– The homeowner tax exemption is supposed to increase with market values not decrease. It should be 150,000 at this current moment and time.

Freeze property taxes at 1% for two years– Cities like Boise have continually increased property taxes by the max of 3% year after year. This has hurt people, especially those on fixed incomes as the housing market has skyrocketed.

Eliminate the grocery tax– Why are we still taxing a necessity while most states in the country has stopped?

Update our antiquated marijuana laws– Marijuana should be fully legalized so we can all benefit from the increased tax revenue and criminal justice system savings. Are we going to become the last state to legalize? If I cannot fully legalize it then we can shoot for medical or decimalization.

Protect the LGBT+ community– Our recent legislative session saw some of the most discriminatory laws passed since the Jim Crow days. I will stand for everyone in my community regardless of their sexual, political, or any other status.

Regulate the renters market– Our renters market is out of control and we have a affordable housing crisis going on at this moment. Property management companies from outside the state are price gouging rent for those who are living on stagnant wages. This needs to change and wages also need to be increased.

Other issues that I will focus on:

Fighting political corruption within the statehouse.

Holding the City of Boise’s government accountable.

Building a bipartisan bridge between my party and the Republican party.

Getting rid of the brown water.

Protecting the environment and keeping public lands out of the hands of the state.

Increasing minimum wage.

Adriel Martinez: Taxpayers shouldn't foot the bill for Bieter's stadium

Boise mayoral candidate Adriel Martinez gives a class on why taxpayers shouldn't foot the bill for sports stadiums.

Posted by SMART Boise on Monday, October 14, 2019

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