If you do not mail your ballot by this Friday the 29th, then you should just return it directly to Ada County Elections at their N Benjamin Lane office. They will have a locked box outside you can put your ballot into. You can also call or text our campaign to have someone come get your ballot and deliver it for you, but make sure its signed, sealed, and dated.

Hello, I'm Adriel "AJ" Martinez and I want to represent your interests in the Idaho State Senate for the next two years. I care about my Bench district very much and I want to see it thrive for as long as I live there.

I have been heavily involved with D17 politics since 2015 when I first ran for city council. I helped fight for the people who did not want F-35's in district 17, I am still fighting against the brown water issue, and most importantly I ran for mayor with a platform that would help not only the whole city, but specifically my district!

During my political science education at BSU, my previous runs for office, and community activism I figured out what was needed for District 17. The needs people expressed to me during that time were complex, but profound. I've crafted my political platform to serve those needs:

  • Serve residents first, not donors or political allies
  • Increase the homeowner tax exemption
  • Freeze property taxes at 1% for two years.
  • Eliminate the grocery tax
  • Update our antiquated marijuana laws
  • Protect the LGBTQ+ community
  • Regulate the renters market.

With your help we will make sure that tolerance, temperance, and prosperity have a voice in the Idaho Senate.

Please consider donating to Adriel's election campaign.

Check out the official campaign facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/AJ4D17/

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